Curt Chun


We treat every move with extreme care and professionalism. Whether we are moving your home, office or just a few items to a storage unit, we know it is an important step in your life.  We're here to make it go smoothly and stay within your budget and time constraints.

Our Company

Affordability and flexibility makes all the difference to our customers. 
  • Piano Moving

We move upright pianos, baby grand and grand pianos.  Our expert movers are familiar with the proper handling and setting up when completing your move

  • Donation or Consignment deliveries

Extra pick ups or deliveries are simply added to your move, even at the last minute

  • Overnight storage

Storing items overnight on our truck or in our trailer is sometimes required due to timing issues during a move


OC Moving Champions

  • Crating

We build custom crates for artwork, chandeliers,

marble, glass, machinery, vases, or any other pieces that require special handling

  • Disassembly/Reassembly

We provide all disassembly of furniture for transporting safely, and reassemble at the destination

  • In-house moving

Whether you are moving a room or an entire household for remodeling, staging or major repairs, we can move part or all of the items on-site until you need us to move it back

  • Container or truck loading

We provide professional movers to assist in loading containers or even a rental truck

  • Shuttes

Access, parking or other logistical challenges sometimes require using smaller trucks to complete moves.  We will find the best solution.

  • Hoisting

Our experience with small doorways, tight staircases, low ceilings or just large pieces of furniture sometimes requires hoisting over a balcony or through a window